Dear 1,000,000


Thank you so much for being here and creating all the memories ❤️❤️❤️
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  • Natacha Océane
    Natacha Océane2 måneder siden

    AND DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!! 🎁🎉 You're all the greatest and deserve to be celebrated, so sharing with you and supporting you back means the world to me! 💛 Good luck and I love ya! 🍀♥️

  • Han Mar

    Han Mar

    Måned siden

    Awww... you deserve it ❤❤❤

  • Badjoun Braelle

    Badjoun Braelle

    Måned siden

    Hello Natacha Océane! Thank you so much to share your time and knowledge with us. Please can you make a video for your best diet as a great fitness person. Thank you again lovely❤❤❤❤

  • Viana's Beauty

    Viana's Beauty

    Måned siden

    I'm so proud of you and I'm happy I belong to this community. I believe I will one day get there. Your so pretty. And you make me wanna do more. After losing 100pounds I get motivated to work more when ever I watch your video.

  • Barely_Fit5 -236

    Barely_Fit5 -236

    Måned siden

    Congrats. I kinda want you to try the Murphy challange. Military type tradition

  • Marie Steffen

    Marie Steffen

    Måned siden

    Which camera do you use Natacha? You are my full inspiration ❤️🙏🏼

  • Mauti chen
    Mauti chen4 dager siden

    living life fully: enjoying whatever you do. seeing the good in everything and staying strong through everything that gets thrown your way ig: merle.stern

  • Amy
    Amy5 dager siden

    This made me cry ! You are one of the fitness greats on youtube and I'm so so glad you are getting the recognition for it. You've changed my mindset so much, and every time I think of restricting or doing lots of cardio because I 'over-ate' I just see you in my mind telling me to NOURISH my body to fuel it, and work towards eating and exercising to feel GOOD and improve my health. You are truly a gift to this Earth and an even bigger gift to everyone's lives you touch. I pray everyone who suffers with negative body image or disordered eating has the opportunity to come across your channel, because their lives will be changed forever - just like mine. Thank you ❤️

  • Amanda White
    Amanda White9 dager siden

    You are amazing and I am truly grateful for the positivity you emulate in your videos. I also thank you for sharing the infinite wisdom, science and knowledge concerning food, health, and fitness. Stumbling upon your channel has been life-changing and life-saving. I am forever grateful to you for challenging my perspective with health and fitness. I have long struggled with orthorexia and have forced myself to live within a troubling prison of routine (for more years than I would like to admit) based on my idea of “health.” You have inspired me to change and I aspire to become a person as positive and balanced. Thank you and keep on rockin’!

  • Osmar Batalha
    Osmar Batalha10 dager siden

    One of, if not, the best fitness ytb channel. Simply complete!

  • Lazy Waysef
    Lazy Waysef10 dager siden

    Just saw the vid Greg Doucette made about you and love your vids! Subbed

  • Marie
    Marie13 dager siden

    honestly you are sooo inspiring!!!

  • Taylor Ferguson
    Taylor Ferguson14 dager siden

    Only found you on youtube 3 weeks ago but you're such a ray of sunshine that I now watch a video of yours every day with my breakfast to motivate myself for the day! Lots of love and keep being you :) x x x

  • kashish phutela
    kashish phutela15 dager siden

    My favourite fitness channel. You are the best Natacha :). Keep on doing the good work! We love you & MARIOOOOOOOO ❤

  • Maryam Mohammad
    Maryam Mohammad22 dager siden

    Who else is obsessed with her voice

  • Gayle Datu
    Gayle Datu26 dager siden

    Congratulations!! you are my go to for my HIIT session and everything else is execelent! Happy for you. Keep it up.

  • july aphelion
    july aphelion26 dager siden

    New fan here! 🥰

  • Isabella Patten
    Isabella Patten29 dager siden

    you've changed my life in a week. I was. beginning t relapse into a bad place with food , my body and exercise, only doing cardio and thinking only about calories and not eating enough for my activity level. Now after watching almost all of your videos that my entire perspective on nutrition and exercise has been changed and i want to be strong and happy and excited. I am starting the beginning of the rest of my life on the right foot thanks to you Natacha and I honestly don't know if i would be here without you. Your values, knowledge, and passion have changed my life and I cannot wait to live

  • Alessandra Andrea Tondi
    Alessandra Andrea Tondi29 dager siden

    I've been here since the very beginning. You're just the best.

  • Michael's Music - Relaxing Sounds
    Michael's Music - Relaxing SoundsMåned siden

    Congratulations 🎉🎈 1,000,000 mil

  • Terren D
    Terren DMåned siden

    I am so happy for you! !

  • J F
    J FMåned siden

    you’re amazing!

  • Yasmina Nail
    Yasmina NailMåned siden

    The hug feels legit xd i can almost feel it through the screen the fuck 😂😂

  • Mollie McClelland
    Mollie McClellandMåned siden

    Girl! Science is sexy! lol :)! @2:19

  • Lola Pop
    Lola PopMåned siden

    You have definitely achieved all those things you wrote on that list with your channel

  • Sisir Howlader khan
    Sisir Howlader khanMåned siden

    2:17 science is really sexy

  • Joy Talan
    Joy TalanMåned siden

    I just subscribed to your channel last weekend and found myself watching your science based health & fitness content whenever i'm off to work that i came to a point that i made sure to jot down the informatives you shared. Your personality, perseverance, passion and excellence in what you do is such an inspiration. You're such an amazing person ❤️ i'm loving everything that you share and looking forward for more 😊 God bless and keep safe!

  • Elliott Egger
    Elliott EggerMåned siden

    Living life fully... it really has to do with realizing how special life is. When we know how incredible life is, we more readily take time to love and appreciate our friends and family, and make sure of the more important things. I love your videos Natacha, they've helped me prioritize making memories and appreciating the small things over trying to meet unrealistic body goals. I want you to know you've played a key part in my journey of having a healthier mind, and I really appreciate everything you've done on this channel. Love, Elliott Contact:

  • paulinya
    paulinyaMåned siden

    Being able to live fully is to be contented and be thankful for everything I have. That's what life taught me! Thank you so much Natacha for inspiring me and motivating me to be strong in all aspect! I hope to see you when I'm able to visit London 🙏 Much love from Philippines! 🇵🇭

  • Mikaila Hirschler
    Mikaila HirschlerMåned siden

    Living life fully to me means trying to stay in the present and not dwell on the past or worry about the future too much, and just be someone that makes me happy today! :) Email:

  • Abhishek
    AbhishekMåned siden

    Wow Dear Good Job.

  • Vicki CHEUNG
    Vicki CHEUNGMåned siden

    Living life to the fullest means to enjoy every moment in life, even the ones that you don't like because you are never going to relive / experience it and I like to think everything happens for a reason. Also to take any opportunity given to me because it might never happen to me again and I want to be able to try new activities and things since I only have one life to do it. ig: @vickicheungg

  • Taylor Cooper
    Taylor CooperMåned siden

    Living life fully means loving myself and uplifting and supporting other women in ALLL aspects of life! :) IG:

  • Maryann Kariuki
    Maryann KariukiMåned siden

    Congrats hun... your videos are really inspiring.

  • Locksie
    LocksieMåned siden

    You are incredible ❤

  • Sarah Fodouop
    Sarah FodouopMåned siden

    Living life fully-...BALANCE.

  • a place for u & i
    a place for u & iMåned siden

    What camera do you use? Some really beautiful shots there ☺

  • Rita Sagri
    Rita SagriMåned siden

    Congratulations on million subscribers. I have been doing your wrkouts for a while now I exercise at home 52yrs young can still do your HIIT wrkout kerp up with you. Never bern over weight but metabolism is high for me but going through menapause not easy. I excercise more for mental wellness and filling strong and healthy. But healthy food intake is key for me but my down fall is chocolate and glass vino for dinner need to adjust accordingly. Your an angel. Positive mental health now now is very important for me. Creates a platform for the new day ahead. Cme in from Mt Macedon Victoria Australia.👍🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🦋🌻🦘💚😀

  • anon e mouse
    anon e mouseMåned siden

    Living life fully to me means I have everything balanced. That includes exercising, healthy eating (and a few treats), uni work, spending time with friends and my boyfriend, and also making sure my mental health is a priority. My Instagram is hanban_fitness • • Also I made the Instagram account so that I can document my fitness journey so if anyone wants to check it out, please do ☺️

  • rsj51003
    rsj51003Måned siden

    You might be the healthiest and most positive thing on NOlocal these days. Thank you!!!

  • Jasmine Nicole Yap
    Jasmine Nicole YapMåned siden

    Living life fully: enjoying everyday, being happy and healthy, being productive Insta: yapjasminenicole

  • anura tamar
    anura tamarMåned siden

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you're one of the very very few fitness you tubers whom I follow. Your advise is realistic and you really always make me stay positive- even if I hit walls. Thank you ! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brionys Journey
    Brionys JourneyMåned siden

    If I’m having a bad day or feeling down about working out I come watch Natacha. Not because she will give me motivation (though she does) but more because I can come and watch and know that this is a place of zero judgement and being kind to myself and positive in my mindset! Also her “The way you look is the least interesting thing about you” is something I’ve bought along to my whole life and tell everyone when they’re down

  • Annie Jeong
    Annie JeongMåned siden

    living life fully: spending time doing things i love with the people i love :^) ig: anniesjeong

  • Carmelo Rabuy
    Carmelo RabuyMåned siden

    thank you very much